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Welcome to the website of Soumyanath Chatterjee, technology and management consultant, with a passion for things that improve life of people around.

He has around two decades experience on Operations Management involving new product introduction, strategic planning, project management, lean management and total quality systems. He worked for the largest automobile manufacturer in India and was responsible for introduction of few commercial vehicle models. Soumyanath has been visiting faculty of XLRI and IIT Kharagpur. He is author of the book on value based operations management, "Conscious Operations: a brief introduction".

Soumyanath has been technical consultant for Business Analytics and Data Warehousing. He advised on business analytics for more than a decade in different continents. His clients included many global fortune 500 companies spread over Europe, USA and India. He is also honorary member of the Executive Committee, Operational Research Society of India and Adjunct Professor of IIT, Kharagpur.

Soumyanath has interests in advicing on New Product Development, Opreation Management, Lean Management, Sustainable Lifestyle, Open Source (Mukt) Software, Microcontroller based Process automation and Science Education for school going students.

This web-site has information on his latest blogs, tweets and availability. Feel free to explore other tabs of the site.

Wandering Mind -- Random Thoughts
  • Geo-Spatial reporting with R 1.3.2016 04:20
  • Many times we need to plot geo-spatial data in analytics. Information like sales per region, income distribution makes more sense when they are plotted on a map. We can do this quite easily in R. Let us see it in action. First of we need data about the map. There are many libraries from where … Continue reading Geo-Spatial reporting with R

  • Flower Recycling Options 29.2.2016 15:05
  • Today in the news feed I saw a news that I thought I shall dwell a bit. The news was about a new venture setup by two friends Ankit Agrawal and Karan Rastogi. They are from a place that is pretty close to my heart — Kanpur.  The city is one of the typical polluted industrial … Continue reading Flower Recycling Options

  • Retreat to Kolkata 4.9.2015 07:09
  •   After month long stay at Auroville I realized that it is not the place of my Karmabhumi. We decided to move on. Call of Pondicherry beach was alluring. We decided to spend a couple of days at Pondicherry. This was also to correct our partiality towards Auroville. I had spent lot of time for … Continue reading Retreat to Kolkata

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